Artistic residency by the Goethe institut. April, 2018. Algiers.

Phōtos graphé : drawing with light.

I am continually exploring my everyday environment : a stranger to my surroundings by my desire to rediscover what is familiar to me with fresh eyes: a new perspective. My natural approach to photography has always been to capture the light that draws silhouettes or defines textures, which is the essence of photography. To produce this series I wandered daily in the forest of Bouchaoui, in Algiers, each time through a new pathway. I went back there several times, accompanied by Amel Kader, Khadidja Markemal and Lya Khenak or alone, at the end of the day or at night, to capture the light, the one that disappears in a few minutes, in order to draw with it a personal Cartography.